Overview of Our Kiosk Software Development Process

Our clients are investing their time and financial resources into custom kiosk software tailored to meet their unique needs. They deserve to have complete control over how their resources are spent and not have them wasted by developers.

What you can expect from us:

  • Peace of mind knowing that our expertise has been proven developing kiosk software relied upon by payment kiosks across the United States
  • Working kiosk software delivered on a regular basis
  • Control over the order in which your requirements are implemented
  • We play nice with others

The Steps to a Successful Kiosk Software Project

Our goal is to work closely with you to complete your kiosk software in the shortest timeframe for the best possible price. In order to accomplish this we use a contemporary software development method called Agile SCRUM. The Agile development process involves the client intimately in most decisions of the project so that you are in full control of how your resources are spent. We only accept kiosk software projects where the client is willing to act as a team member and work closely with us to help make their kiosk software a glowing success. Communication and transparency are major components of our success along with fluidity of changing requirements that is inherent in project planning.

Overview of Our Self-Service Kiosk Software Development Process

We employ the following proven steps on every kiosk software project:

  1. Initial Consultation: We offer as a no cost service a 1 hour phone consultation with one of our kiosk software application specialists to gather your requirements and determine if we are a good fit for your project and budget.
  2. Design and Specifications: We'll work together to create a detailed kiosk software design and specifications that will identify exactly how your kiosk needs to look and behave. Think of this as the “blue-print” for your kiosk software so we know exactly what to build.
  3. Estimation: We'll create a ballpark range estimate based off of your Design and Specifications. At this point you have peace of mind knowing exactly how your kiosk software will function and a ballpark idea of the cost.
  4. Contracting Agreement: Assuming the project is a win-win you'll sign our hourly contracting agreement.
  5. Feature Prioritization: We'll work with you to prioritize your features to ensure that the most critical ones get completed first.
  6. Agile Sprints: We work in 2 week increments to implement your features. This step repeats ever 2 weeks until your kiosk software is ready for release.
  7. Release to Production: This is where we deploy your kiosk software so your customers can begin using it. There will likely be multiple releases as new features and functionality are introduced.

Easy to Cancel Contracts

We believe in easy to cancel contracts in case the relationship is not working for either party. If things are going great then we keep moving forward with the project. If either party is unhappy with the results then they have the option to cancel the arrangement with reasonable notice.

Hourly Based Pricing

All of our work is billed hourly and we do not accept fixed price projects. This is why the Design and Specification step is so critical because it allows us to produce an accurate ballpark estimate of the cost. Regardless, you will always have complete control over the order in which your features are completed. This way if it's necessary to cut features due to budget or time constraints it will be the lower priority features getting cut not the critical ones.

We Play Nice With Others

Lastly it’s worth mentioning that we play nice with others including your internal developers and the non-technical folks. We are happy to come alongside your team and adhere to your best practices and standards. We realize that you are investing your precious time and resources and that you deserve to have the final say in how these are spent.


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