Custom Web Applications

Our web applications can be designed to support any number of users and incorporate the real-time reporting you need to deal with events as they happen.

The biggest benefit of a web application is that it is accessible from any computer, tablet or smart phone with a web browser and an internet connection. Web applications are also well suited to large numbers of users over a distributed area where installing software on each workstation isn't practical.

Custom Web Application Development

Almost every company needs a centrally accessible web application to help manage their daily tasks.

Maybe you have a great idea for building a new web application to improve efficiency, or reduce costs. Whatever your reasons, there is an immense need for experienced and reliable web application developers.

RedSwimmer has the expertise needed to custom tailor a perfect fit solution to your exact business needs.

Custom Web Application Development key features include:

  • Custom tailored web applications to fit your exact business needs
  • Increase your company's operational efficiency
  • Store valuable data in centralized servers for data-mining and reporting
  • Web applications optimized for accessability and security
Custom Web Application Development Services

Multiuser Applications for Any Size Business

Depending on the size of your business you probably have several users that will need access to your web application at any given time. To further complicate matters they probably shouldn't all have the same security privileges because different users have different roles within the system.

RedSwimmer has the expertise to develop a web application which supports anywhere from a handful to 1000+ users and can make sure that the proper access restrictions are put in place to keep your web application secure.

If scalability is a concern then we can optionally design the application to scale proportionally to the growth of your business.

Multiuser Application key features include:

  • Multiple users can access your web application simultaneously
  • Provide secure access to you data and services
  • Security roles give certain user's elevated security clearance
  • Web applications designed with system scalability in mind
Multi-User Custom Web Application Development Services

Industry Specific Applications

Every industry has some need for a web application to help improve efficiency, increase sales, reduce cost or just get a leg up on the competition.

RedSwimmer will take the time to understand the unique business needs of your industry and design a perfect fit solution to augment the way you already do business.

Once our solution is an integral part of your daily operations you'll never know how you lived without it.

Industry Specific Application key features include:

  • Industry specific web applications designed to meet your exact needs
  • Perfect alternative when an "off the shelf" solution is unavailable
  • Gain an advantage over the competition
  • Standardize the way you do business with a uniform web application
Business Custom Web Application Development Services

Real-Time Reporting and Data Mining

When yesterday's data isn't good enough then you need real-time reporting to deal with events as they happen. Providing data in real time remains a key challenge for organizations that want to maximize the value of their application and business intelligence investments without impacting the performance of operational systems.

Real-time information requirements also force administrators and architects to make serious decisions about the architecture and design of an information system.

RedSwimmer has the expertise to incorporate real-time reporting into our web applications so that you are always up to speed on the state of your business.

Real-Time Reporting and Data Mining key features include:

  • Real-time reporting empowers you to deal with events as they happen
  • Receive important alerts via email, text or voice message
  • Detailed reports allow you to analyze your business and improve
  • Dashboard reports give you a quick status overview of your business
Real Time Reporting Custom Web Application Development Services

Maintenance, Analysis and Consulting

We help clients maintain, improve, extend, and optimize existing systems as well as develop new web applications from scratch.

We offer our expert consulting services to help augment your in-house development efforts. We also offer training services on our custom solutions so that your staff knows how to make the best use of the custom web application we design for your business.

Maintenance, Analysis and Consulting key features include:

  • We help you maintain, improve, extend, and optimize existing systems
  • Expert consulting services can help augment your in-house developers
  • Let us train your staff to make the best use of our custom solutions
  • Port older applications to ASP.NET and take advantage to modern technologies
Consultant Custom Web Application Development Services

Microsoft SQL Database Design

All of our applications are database driven whether it is a local database on a PC or a central database shared by multiple clients (see Client/Server Applications below).

SQL / relational data storage is the most common method of storing data for business systems. It features high performance data retrieval and reporting. It is good for storing large amounts of data and provides tools to maintain data integrity.

However, SQL Server data storage is only as good as the logical and physical database design - all of the advantages of relational databases can be negated by a bad design. It can be difficult to map relational data into an object-oriented web application development and RedSwimmer has the experience to do just that.

Microsoft SQL Database Design key features include:

  • Efficient data storage solutions for businesses of all sizes
  • Store valuable data in centralized servers for data-mining and reporting
  • All databases designed with business scalability in mind
  • High performance data retrieval and real-time reporting
Microsoft SQL Database Development Services



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