Kiosk Consulting Services

We’ll work with your development team to help make your kiosk project a huge success.

Don't have developers? No problem, we can develop the entire kiosk solution for you.

Our kiosk consulting services include:
  • Designing your kiosk software from the ground up
  • Guiding you through your first kiosk deployment
  • Helping you find the right kiosk manufacturer and get quotes
  • Designing your touch-friendly user interface
  • Developing support for popular payment devices
  • Assisting your developers with kiosk software development
  • EMV compliance
  • Securing your kiosk to prevent malicious user tampering
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

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  • Time & Materials
  • Full Price
  • Billed hourly
  • No time commitment
  • Hourly Rate: $150/hr
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  • Prepaid 100
  • Good Value
  • 100 prepaid hours
  • 10% discount off hourly rate
  • Cost: $13,500
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  • Prepaid 200
  • Best Value
  • 200 prepaid hours
  • 28% discount off hourly rate
  • Cost: $21,600
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Core Technologies

The following are the core technologies we use to craft your custom kiosk application. We're always evolving to stay current with the latest technologies.

  • Angular 2+
  • .NET Core
  • .NET WPF
  • Xamarin
  • Windows, Android, iOS

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