Releasing Your Kiosk Software

Once we've completed enough features to make your kiosk software useful to your customers then it's time to schedule a release to production. Most projects will consist of multiple releases as features are added.

The first release may be a beta or pilot program to test the waters and gather customer feedback before a mass deployment.

We'll hold your hand through the entire release process to make sure everything goes smoothly.

What you need to know about releasing your kiosk software to production:

  • Most projects consist of several releases or phases as features are added
  • Consider doing a pilot release of a few kiosks to gain user feedback
  • We'll hold your hand through the release process and provide support

Separate Development, Test and Production Environments

We highly recommend setting up separate development, test and production environments so that daily development and test does not impact the stability of your kiosks in the production environment.

This is easy and affordable with a cloud based solution like Windows Azure

What's Next?

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