Custom Kiosk Software Development Services

Looking for a custom kiosk solution because there's no off-the-self product that fits your unique needs? Then you've come to the right place!

Our kiosk developers are available to assist with the development, user interface design and deployment of your kiosks to make your next project a glowing success.

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Touch-Friendly User Interface Design

Our approach balances functionality and design – We hire designers and developers because we understand the importance of both of those elements.

Our team has a lot of experience working together to deliver beautiful, functional applications; we’ll make these factors work together for you, instead of forcing you to choose one over the other.

What you can expect from our UI design services:

  • We'll make your touchscreen kiosk a pleasure to use
  • Design an intuitive and attractive user interface
  • Craft a look and feel consistent with your company image
  • Create a user experience which draws customers in
Business Self-Service Kiosk Software Development

Kiosks for Accepting Payments

Our specialty is designing custom kiosk software for accepting cash and credit card payments. We have years of experience dealing with complicated kiosk payment devices which you will benefit from.

We also can make your kiosks dispense bills like a cashier to save on labor costs.

Worried about PCI or EMV Compliance? We've got you covered there also.

We're experts at accepting payments:

  • Accept credit card and cash payments to increase ROI
  • Dispense bills from your kiosk like a cashier
  • Achieve PCI and EMV compliance
  • Reduce cashier window hours to save on labor costs
Self-Service Kiosk Software Development

Real-Time Usage Reporting

RedSwimmer can develop the real-time reports you need to provide up to date usage statistics and notify you via email or text if there's an issue with any of your kiosks that would require servicing.

Reporting can also be useful for determining which kiosks get the most usage and help you decide if you need more or less kiosks at each location.

If your kiosks are processing payments, then the reports will tell you which kiosks are the most profitable and also help maximize uptime to ensure maximum profitability.

Stay on top of your business with real-time reporting and notifications:

  • Monitor your kiosks remotely and respond to events in real-time
  • Receive important alerts via email or text message
  • Track which kiosks are getting the most usage
  • Maximize profitability by making sure your kiosks are always running
Real Time Reporting Self-Service Kiosk Software Development

Kiosk Device Integration

Need help integrating a payment device or other kiosk hardware into your kiosk application? Our developers are experts at hardware integration and will make the necessary changes to your existing application.

We can integrate all sorts of devices into your kiosk:

  • Process credit card payments
  • Accept and dispense bills like a cashier
  • Snap photos with a webcam
  • Print wallet-sized receipts
  • Scan barcodes to reduce data entry
Kiosk Components Self-Service Kiosk Software Development

Kiosk Mode Software

Already have a website or .NET application that you'd like to run in "kiosk mode?" We have a cost-effective solution for you!

KioskSimple is a simple and elegant kiosk software solution that makes it easy to turn your existing website or .NET WPF app into a self-service kiosk.

Learn more about KioskSimple kiosk software for Windows.

KioskSimple "kiosk mode" software key features:

  • Turn any website into a self-service kiosk in just a few easy steps
  • Need to develop your kiosk app in .NET WPF? Learn more
  • Increase your ROI with our support for popular payment devices
  • Affordable per kiosk licensing
  • Includes a developer friendly JavaScript and .NET C# API
  • Download the free demo today!
KioskSimple Kiosk Software For Windows



We hold your hand from design to deployment to ensure your kiosk software project is a glowing success.

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