Premium Kiosk Software Development Services

RedSwimmer has the expertise you need to develop your self-service kiosk software and make your project a glowing success. We have developed self-service kiosk software for a wide range of applications and industries including Retail/Point of Sale, Self Check-In, Correctional and Convention/Ticketing. Self-service kiosks have a wide range of applications and all have the potential to save you man hours and increase sales.

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Easily Turn Your Existing Website Into A Self-Service Kiosk

KioskSimple is a simple and elegant kiosk software solution that makes it easy to turn your existing website or .NET WPF app into a self-service kiosk. Learn more about KioskSimple kiosk software for Windows.

KioskSimple Kiosk Software for Windows key features include:

  • Turn any website into a self-service kiosk in just a few easy steps
  • Easy to configure and secure your Windows based self-service kiosk
  • Perfect-fit pricing to fit any budget
  • Increase ROI by accepting cash and credit card payments
  • A developer friendly product with a state-of-the-art JavaScript API
  • Also supports Microsoft .NET WPF
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and 8 (not for use with Windows RT)
  • Try the risk-free demo today for an unlimited time
KioskSimple Kiosk Software For Windows

Self-Service Kiosk Software Development Services

Need help with your kiosk software project? We have extensive experience developing transaction-based, self-service kiosk software applications. Our kiosk developers are available to assist with the development, configuration and deployment of your kiosks.

Self-Service Kiosk Software Development key features include:

  • We'll make your touch screen kiosk a pleasure to use
  • Need to accept cash or credit card payments? No problem
  • We'll custom tailor your kiosk software to your unique customer base
  • Our developers are experts in the latest Microsoft.NET technologies, including MVC, MVVM and WPF
  • Let us hold your hand through the entire process from design to deployment
Self-Service Kiosk Software Development

Retail/POS, Self Check In, Convention/Ticketing, Informational

Kiosks have a virtually unlimited number of industry specific applications including but not limited to: HR Employees/Job Applications Kiosk, Ticketing Kiosk, Healthcare Kiosk, Order Entry, Line busting and Check-In, Gaming and Redemption Kiosk, Retail Kiosks, Bill Payment & Prepaid Kiosk, Directories and Way-finding Kiosk, Information and Marketing Kiosk, Security Kiosk and more. Whatever your application RedSwimmer can develop the kiosk software and select the kiosk hardware you need.

Kiosk Industry Specific Application key features include:

  • Custom tailored kiosk software to fit your exact business needs
  • Provide your service to the public with an easy to use kiosk
  • Accept cash and credit card payments
  • Kiosks can save man hours and free up employees to do other tasks
Business Self-Service Kiosk Software Development

Real-Time Usage Reporting

Since kiosks are often unattended it only makes sense that you'll want to be able to remotely monitor your kiosks no matter what the application. RedSwimmer can develop the real-time reports you need to provide up to date usage statistics and notify you via email or text (SMS) if there is an issue with any of your kiosks that would require servicing. Reporting can also be useful for determine which kiosks get the most usage and help you decide if you need more or less kiosks at each location. If your kiosks are processing payments then the reports will tell you which kiosks are the most profitable and also help maximize uptime to ensure maximum profitability.

Real-Time Usage Reporting key features include:

  • Monitor your kiosks remotely and respond to events in real-time
  • Receive important alerts via email, text or voice message
  • Track which kiosks are getting the most usage
  • Maximize profitability by making sure your kiosks are always running
Real Time Reporting Self-Service Kiosk Software Development

Accept Cash or Credit Card Payments

Accepting cash and credit card payments from a kiosk is an excellent way to offload responsibility from cashiers and reduce man-hours to lower costs or reallocate man-hours for more productive activities. Kiosks can be used to accept fines or take payments in easily accessible public places and help reduce the need for the public to travel to make payments. RedSwimmer has developed kiosks for accepting payments which are deployed in correctional facilities nationwide. Payment acceptance kiosks are a very popular option for local government looking to minimize or eliminate the usage of attended "payment windows" at various facilities and instead direct the public to a kiosk.

Accept Cash or Credit Card Payments key features include:

  • Accept payments from kiosks and increase sales
  • Close "payment windows" and direct users to the kiosk
  • Kiosks can save man hours and free up employees to do other tasks
  • Position your kiosk in a public place and lower foot traffic to your facility
Cash Payment, Credit Card Payment Self-Service Kiosk Software Development

Kiosk Components

It is common for kiosks to integrate any number of input peripherals in order to interact with the user. The application will determine which peripherals are appropriate but the bottom line is RedSwimmer can integrate whatever input devices you need to get the job done.

Kiosk Components include:

  • Payment Devices: credit card readers, check readers and bill acceptors
  • Card Readers: smart card readers, barcode, RFID and drivers license
  • Webcam, facial recognition and biometric thumbprint readers
  • Input Devices: Touch screen, keyboard and trackball
  • Card Dispensers, thermal receipt printer and more...
Kiosk Components Self-Service Kiosk Software Development

We hold your hand from design to deployment to ensure your kiosk software project is a glowing success.

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